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The 1998 St. Pat's Board,
Honorees &

The Board

the board
Mickey Conlon, Chairman
Michael Scott, Co-chair
Art Weiland, Dignitaries & Guests
Joanne Kelly & Myrna Heddinger, Retail Co-chairs
Becky Jamison, Queens
Tracey Mattice, Kari Schany, Pageant Co-chairs
Rich Higgins, Memberships
Liz Culligan , Coins & Association Secretary
Lawrence Drew, Raffle
Jerry Goodlaxon, Fundraising
Gennifer Scott, Parade
Frank Kliegl, Ceili



Paul Connaughton, T.D.
Fiona Flood, Vice Consul, Consulate of Ireland in Chicago
John McCain, Honorary Grand Marshall
Mr. McCain passed away on 2/27/98. He will be laid to rest on 3/2/98. He was a co-founder of Emmetsburg St. Patrick's Association and a prominent former member of the Emmetsburg Celtic's Semi-Pro Football team.
Norlyn Stowell 1998 Grand Marshall
Lyle Edwards, Honorary Irishman


The Board sincerely thanks
the people of Emmetsburg and surrounding communities who have selflessly donated their time and money to ensure the continued success of our annual celebration.  Their names are too numerous to mention.

Special thanks from the Association to
Troester Consulting
for hosting our site.


Emmetsburg St. Patrick's Association