News Release
Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536
St. Patrick’s Association

When a shipment of turf from Ireland failed to arrive at the cannery in Emmetsburg, workers used a substitute fuel to heat the huge vats, resulting in several gross of blarney being contaminated.

The plant manager, Joanne Kelly, said that this error in judgment was reprehensible. Retired CEO, Art Weiland, was summoned to the cannery to instruct the assembly line workers in the entire steps to produce quality blarney.

The over time hours, require in this action, was paid, at the request of the employees, with Robert Emmet Dollars and stock in the company. Questions regarding this release can be answered by calling 712-852-4326

Additional Information:

Emmetsburg’s annual St. Patrick’s day celebration will be held on March 12-13-14th. The Miss Shamrock Pageant and the Junior Pageant are held the preceding Sunday on March 7, 1999.