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MARCH 11, 16-19
Headquarter Happening!
Blarney Factory in Jeopardy!!!

Headquarters Face Lift!
 Thanks Mickey and all who assisted in the renovation of our St. Pat's Headquarters. Carpet, removal of the large counter and a little paint have done wonders to our appearance in our official Irish Headquarters! Our Retail Committee has filled our store to the brim with fascinating & unique Irish gifts. 

 Robert Emmet Statue

Robert Emmet was a hero to the early Irish settlers who chose to name their new village in honor of him and to commission a statue to be cased and placed on the town square.
Did you know that there are only 4 Robert Emmet statues?
 Check out the book, "Tread Softly on My Dreams," by Greta Curran Browne, at the local library. Browne has woven a gripping story based on the well documented facts surrounding the life and death of Robert Emmet. She tells of the suffering of the Irish people under British rule and how young Emmet played a role, that led to his execution, to help alleviate their suffering. 

Robert Emmet Celebration!
Now after two hundred years, in the year 2003, Ireland will hold a year long celebration, declaring Robert Emmet a national hero. The people of Emmetsburg and of Palo Alto County have been extended an invitation to attend some of the festivities during the year. Also extended in the invitation are high school bands to march in the various parades that will be taking place.

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