St. Pat's 
Robert Emmet Coin

Front of the 2001 St Pat's Coin

Back of the 2001 St. Pat's Coin

Designer, C. L. Nicholson has once again transferred the features of the Robert Emmet statue to the 2001 commemorative Irish dollar. His head is held high, but tousled hair, garment open at the throat, lips slightly parted, eyes observing the throng, all express the distress etched on Emmet's face.

Stars and Shamrocks, symbols of unity, current month and year, numbers of the issue along with the initials of the artist, also appear on the obverse side. The patriot's name, his birthdate, and the year of his death are included there.

On the reverse side of the coin, the United States flag is crossed with the Irish flag, indicating unity. The words "Iowa's Irish Capital, Emmetsburg, Iowa" appear below the flags. Sister City of Dublin Ireland, Irish Dollar circle the edge of the coin while a shamrock appears on either side.

Starting out as a short term promotion in 1966, the popularity of the medallion has continued for 36 years with collectors in all parts of the world.

This is believed to be the longest running consecutive issue of municipal souvenir coins in the United States


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