IRELANDW.gif (7030 bytes) It is a privilege and honor for the Emmetsburg St. Patrick's Association to host a member of the Irish Parliament to reign over the three day celebration. Guest Parliamentarians, who have attended along with their gracious wives, have endeared themselves to residents and visitors. Lasting friendships have been formed.

While visiting in the States, the Parliamentarian is given the opportunity to watch Iowa's governing bodies at work. He spends some time with the governor and attends both sessions of the state legislature.

Several of these men have left political life and returned to successful businesses. They keep actively in touch with affairs of the government, both at home and abroad. Some of these men are now Ministers in the Irish President's cabinet, while others represent Ireland in the European Parliament.

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Previous Irish Dignitaries
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  Dignitary Years  
  Mary Jackman, TD 2000  
  Batt O'Keeffe, TD 1999  
  Paul Connaughton, TD 1998  
  Colm Hilliard, TD 1997  
  John Browne, TD 1996  
  Ned O'Keeffe, TD 1995  
  Jim Higgins TD 1994  
  Gerard Collins TD 1993  
  Patrick J. Sheehan TD 1992  
  Brendan Kenneally TD 1991  
  Frank Crowley TD 1990  
  Frank Fahey TD, retired 1989  
  Bernard Allen TD 1988  
  Ben Briscoe TD 1987  
  Gerard Collins, TD 1984  
  Noel Davern, TD 1983  
  Dr. Shawn McCarthy TD, retired 1982  
  Noel Davern TD 1981  
  Dr. Rory O'Hanlon TD 1980  
  William Kenneally TD, retired 1979  
  Noel Davern TD 1978  
  Des O'Malley TD 1977  
  Sylvester Barrett TD, retired 1976  
  Gerard Collins TD 1975  
  Joe Dowling TD, retired 1974  
  Lorcan Allen TD, retired 1973  
  Des Foley TD (deceased) 1972  
  Sean SherwinTD, retired 1971  
  Paudge Brennan TD, retired 1969  
  Joe Dowling TD, retired 1968  
  Tom Fitzpatrick TD, retired 1967  
  Frank Leadon TD, retired 1966  
  Noel Lemass TD (deceased) 1965  
  Sean Moore TD (deceased) 1964  
  Noel Lemass TD (deceased) 1963  

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